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  • Market status and future development trends of paper printing & packaging industry

      Import and Export Trade In recent years, as the global packaging industry gradually shifts to developing countries and regions represented by China, China’s paper products packaging industry has become increasingly prominent in the global paper packaging industry and has become an important global supplier of paper products packaging. The scale continues to expand. According to the statistics of China Packaging Federation, the total import and export volume of China’s paper packaging industry in 2018 was 5.628 billion U.S. dollars, a year-on-year increase of 15.45%, of which the export value was 5.477 billion U.S. dollars, a year-on-year increase of 15.89%; in 2019, the total import and export amount of China’s paper packaging industry was 6.509 billion US dollars, o...

  • How will the war in Ukraine affect the paper industry?

    It is still difficult to assess what the overall impact of the war in Ukraine will be on the European paper industry, as it will depend on how the conflict develops and how long it lasts. A first short-term effect of the war in Ukraine is that it is creating instability and unpredictability in the trade and business relations between the EU and Ukraine, but also with Russia, and to some extent Belarus. Doing business with these countries will obviously become more difficult, not only in the coming months but in the foreseeable future. This will have an economic impact, which is still very difficult to assess. Particularly, the exclusion of Russian banks from SWIFT and the dramatic plunge of the Rouble’s exchange rates are likely to lead to far-reaching restrictions on trade between Russ...

  • Our child resistant packaging got certified to meet market demand

    With marijuana getting rapidly legal across the US states, packaging for this range of product is in greater and greater demands. However, cannabis or hemp products are not secure for children. You might have heard of various incidents taking place where children are easily attracted to pills, drugs or other similar items thinking them to be candies. In order to keep products safe and secure from children, many packaging factories start development of child resistant packaging for vape, pod system. At Stars Packaging, we have been producing child resistant boxes with special button closure. This packaging is not easy to open. Kids can try all their strength but can not open the box. This ensures safety of your children and at the same time allows you to enjoy y...

  • Current shipping situation and tactics to deal with it

    This holiday season, just about everything that ends up in your shopping cart has taken a tumultuous journey through the world’s mangled supply chains. Some items that should have arrived months ago are just showing up. Others are tied up at factories, ports and warehouses around the globe, waiting for shipping containers, planes or trucks to transport them where they belong. And because of this, prices across the board are rising on many holiday items. In the US, 77 ships are waiting outside docks in Los Angeles and Long Beach, California. Overwhelmed trucking, warehouse and rail logistics are contributing to more severe port delays, and to the overall slog in end to end logistics. ...

  • Congratulations to our customer Freedm Street from UK!

    Congratulations to our customer Freedm Street from UK! Their 2021 Christmas advent calendars with beauty products achieved great sales and got a plenty of good reviews among consumers. With exceptional products inside, attractive packaging, extraordinary cruelty free and eco-friendly concept for both packaging and inside beauty products, Freedm Street’s advent calendar gift sets for 2021 Christmas were sold out in 20 days after launch. The CEO at Freedm Street reached out Stars Packaging looking to create a premium advent calendar. She requested plastic free material and varied box sizes to fit their 24 days of beauty products. We suggested recyclable kraft paper and provided several options of calendar types. Finally the rigid one with two open doors was selec...



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